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Kimberly Abrahams and Danielle Benson


Kimberly Abrahams and Danielle Benson are ice hockey players, coaches, and fans who live, love, eat, and sleep hockey.  There is no goal too high and no dream too big to see become reality. The Hockey Tour is the most epic of all of our journeys and we LOVED living it.  The book was not our idea, but the ideas of many personal and professional contacts who encouraged us to write our story. Becoming authors was a labor of love, but after 3 years, enjoying every memory and dreading every revision, the perfectionists in us are proud of our product, The Hockey Tour. We hope you enjoy it too as you journey with us in this book.  It is our hope that this book creates new hockey fans, encourages current fans to become more in-depth fans and inspires every reader to live their dreams. 


Both authors currently live, work and coach in Minnesota. As new unique expereinces occur (such as the first outdoor game for Minnesota), as the league expands, and as current teams move to new home arenas, The Hockey Tour will forever live on.  So, from the State of Hockey, the tour continues…

We love feedback! If you enjoyed the Tour we would appreciate an Amazon review! If you would like to send us a comment, please click here. Kimberly Abrahams, Danielle Benson

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