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The Hockey Tour

Kimberly Abrahams and Danielle Benson are ice hockey players, coaches, and fans who set out to travel the United States and Canada in order to attend one home game in every National Hockey League arena in a single season. Their tour during the 2011-2012 season becomes a trip of a lifetime as they evaluate the rinks, explore each home team’s fan culture and rituals, watch over 30 hockey games, and meet some of the players and staff behind professional hockey. As news of their tour spreads, some teams compete to provide the best experience through behind the scenes access to areas typically restricted to players and media. This memoir, The Hockey Tour, chronicles their incredible four month journey, offers comprehensive information on each of the NHL rinks, cities and significant hockey points of interest while inspiring its readers to live their dreams today and to start planning their own epic journeys.


What people have to say...

"This book was more than just about hockey! Although if you are a hockey fan, you will thoroughly enjoy all the detailed info! I felt like I was on their journey, learned some great traveling lessons, got some great ideas, felt their gratitude, passion, and most of all it made me start thinking not only about a bucket list, but what I could do to make those seemingly unattainable thoughts a reality. Great read and a great gift!"


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Now is the time to live your dreams!

Kimberly Abrahams and Danielle Benson

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