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Kimberly Abrahams and Danielle Benson took an incredible four month journey traveling the United States and Canada in order to attend one home game in every National Hockey League arena in a single season. The tour was a trip of a lifetime as they evaluated the rinks, explored each home team's fan culture and rituals, watched over 30 hockey games, went sightseeing in the various cities, and met some of the players and staff behind professional hockey.


Not only can you read about the total experience and benefit from their tid bits and experienced travel tips in The Hockey Tour book, but here you can check out both the blog for a picture history they kept as they were traveling and the Photo Gallery of "top pics" from the tour, extras which are not included in the book.


Both authors Kimberly Abrahams and Danielle Benson currently live, work and coach in Minnesota. Check out News & Events for updates as The Hockey Tour lives on....

Now is the time to live your dreams!

Kimberly Abrahams and Danielle Benson


1 Season


30 Arenas 




2 Fans

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